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We, at LS INSPIRED, inspire Seniors to live happier by offering them a form of independence through our

private-pay Ride Service.

 Seniors aged 55+

Ambulatory (can walk without any assistance)

Walker (uses a cane, walker, or rollator) 

who reside in and around the

South Metro Atlanta, Georgia area

can rely on our ride service to get to/from medical appointments, pharmacy, activities, grooming, shopping, airport, and more.

LS INSPIRED Senior Ride Service

offers door-to-door, one-way, roundtrip, and recurring trips.

Our riders are greeted with a warm welcome and provided a safe, comfortable,

and pleasant ride. 

Our drivers have a clean background and driving record, experience, enjoy meeting and interacting with seniors, and know the importance of having safe and reliable transportation.

Schedule your rides with LS Inspired

to ensure you arrive timely to your appointments and more.

We look forward to providing a safe trip to you and/or your family member.


Note: Our drivers are encouraged to wear face masks, and our vehicles are sanitized daily to help keep our senior community and drivers safe.

Call us to schedule a ride

(404) 446-9107 

Beautiful happy senior woman in the passenger seat in the car enjoying the ride_edited.jpg

"Own Your Happiness"

100% Repeat Customers



Welcome to LS Inspired LLC!

Hello! I’m Laura A. Simmons, Founder, Owner, and Managing Member of LS Inspired LLC. Our slogan is “Own Your Happiness” because it is our mission to Inspire and promote a happier community for Seniors through our Senior Ride Service.

It is my passion to care for others and provide a form of happiness. As a child, I always accompanied my grandmother (Nannie) to visit elderly relatives/friends and gift them with hand-made items such as gowns/pajamas, crocheted blankets, and/or baked cookies and more. Being exposed at an early age to help the community either by caring for others or being involved in connecting the community, I gained a passion to help and care for others.

Whenever I encounter one that is experiencing any life challenge(s), I give words of encouragement, provide any help within my capacity, and share my testimonies to inspire others. “Owning Your Happiness” should be a top priority in everyone’s life to promote a healthier and well-balanced life.

LS Inspired was founded to uplift the community in a positive way by providing a Ride Service to Seniors and putting a smile on their face. Seniors may lose a form of independence when they can no longer drive and have to rely on others such as family members to transport them. However, this can be challenging due to the busy schedules or limited flexibility of such family members to transport their loved ones. But, with LS Inspired Senior Ride Service, we’re able to provide Seniors with a form of independence by transporting them to/from appointments, pharmacy, shopping, grooming, and more.

We, at LS Inspired LLC, look forward to serving our community where Seniors are inspired to live happier and gain a form of independence through our reliable Senior Ride Service.

"Own Your Happiness"


Laura A. Simmons

Founder | Owner | Managing Member | Driver

Office: (404) 446-9107 Ext 101



LS INSPIRED Senior Ride Service
(404) 446-9107


Join Our Journey:


Senior Ride Service, Where Every Rider Returns for Excellence!

100% Repeat Customer


LS INSPIRED Senior Ride Service is here to transport 

seniors aged 55+ (ambulatory/cane/walker) to their doctor appointments, senior activities, hair salon/barber, errands, leisure visits, etc. We offer one-way, roundtrip, and recurring rides within the state of Georgia. Currently servicing South Metro Atlanta, GA customers in and around Clayton and Henry Counties.



Booking Fee:                 $3.00

Rate per Mile:               $1.00

Rate per Minute:           $0.34


Invoices sent via QuickBooks to customer's email address. Customer is able to pay online using the link provided in email. Optional to have credit card added to customer profile for ease of future invoice payments.

Payment methods accepted are as follows: Apple Pay, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Bank Transfer.


Monday - Friday    7:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday                8:00am - 3:00pm

Sunday                  Closed

For rides needed outside of operating hours, contact LS Inspired to discuss availability.


Seniors getting out to attend medical appointments, social events, or to have a joyful day meeting up with friends/family.
You can do the same and more by scheduling your ride with

LS Inspired Senior Ride Service!
Call us (404) 446-9107

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Happy senior, happy passenger
Inspired senior, senior passenger, senior transporter, LS Inspired van
Happy seniors, seniors laughing, seniors socializing

"Own Your Happiness"

Senior passenger, senior transporter
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Read What LSI Customers Are Saying!



I highly recommend this company. They are prompt and very professional. It really put my mind at ease knowing my Dad has transportation to all his medical appointments.

Victoria F.



If your primary goal is to achieve OPTIMAL, efficiency & quality in senior ride service roundtrips at Pick-ups & Drop-offs, while riding in a desirable CLEAN VEHICLE, I strongly & earnestly urge all potential seniors to choose the outstanding transportation service of LS Inspired. As a retiree living on a limited household budget...AND... with no personal car to conveniently drive myself to varied destinations in eligible Georgia Counties, I strongly and earnestly urge potential senior riders to patronize the outstanding, supremely SUPERIOR ride service of LS Inspired.

Delores W.



LSInspired Senior Ride Service is wonderful. It was easy to schedule, I received reminders of my ride appointments, and I was picked up on time for each ride. The service is professionally run, and the driver/owner is very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this service and it fulfills a great need by offering more options for transportation services for seniors in our communities.

Janice S.



I've used LS Inspired ride service twice and both times my experience was beyond expectations. It is so easy to schedule an appointment with them. The car that we rode in was super clean and our driver was very friendly. The driver knew exactly where to go and got us there safely and timely. I'm glad to support this business and glad they are here to serve!

Antoinette K.



I think it’s beautiful seeing a young entrepreneur with a wonderful business in the community and I want to support this business, so I have switched from previous transportation services to now LS Inspired Senior Ride Service. The cleanliness of the vehicle is EXCELLENT, the driver has a pleasant attitude, and I HIGHLY recommend LS Inspired Senior Ride Service to others.

Nathaniel R.



We have used the LS Inspired ride service many times. It's great to know that this senior ride service is available as needed. We highly recommend them.

Gerry Y.



I was thoroughly satisfied with my ride with LSI senior car service. I had back surgery and needed to visit my doctor in an area that was not close to me nor was I able to sit in a seat, I had to recline and this service provided the luxury of comfort for me and if I ever need a service like this I will only use LSI services. She offered refreshments and a polite ride. I am completely satisfied with it and totally recommend.

Debra C.



This service is awesome👏🏾👏🏾

I have nothing but great things to say about the owner/driver. I used the service for several months. It was by far better than any Lyft or Uber I’ve ever taken. Reasonable priced as well.


Professional, courteous, friendly, great driver and accommodating.

10/10 recommend!

Frances J.

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